Pastor Alvin L. Currie leads the Pillar of Truth Community Bible Church located in Seattle, Washington. He and his wife, Vivian, have four adult children and seven grandchildren. They make their home in Seattle.



Pastor Alvin L. Currie became a member of the Pillar of Truth Community Bible Church in September, 2004. He and his wife, Vivian Currie were among some of the first members attending in the home of the Haynes. Pastor Alvin was very active in the church assisting where ever needed often coming early to help with the set up. He was a faithful member attending every Sunday Service, as well as the weekly bible studies under Pastor Daniel Blue. It was also at this time in 2004 that Pastor Alvin felt a call to teach. He began private theology studies under the mentorship of Pastor Doctor John L. Casteel, Jr. He would faithfully drive to Tacoma every Sunday after Church Service at the Pillar in Renton to the Lamb of God Christian Ministries where he studied and often gave a word. In the summer of 2006, Pastor Blue and his family moved to Texas. Pastor Alvin and Elder Homer felt God calling them to continue with the church so they both lead the church through that transition. Elder Homer and Pastor Alvin would each preach the Word on alternate Sundays. Pastor Alvin had a passion and desire to teach/preach the Word, it was clear that God had called Pastor Alvin. Hence, on July 25, 2006, Pastor Alvin was ordained as the Pastor of the Pillar of Truth Community Bible Church. Pastor Alvin enrolled in the United Theological Seminary in Tacoma in 2008 and continues his mentorship with Pastor Doctor Casteele, Jr., his Spiritual Father. Pastor Alvin continues to faithfully serve as Pastor of the Pillar of Truth Bible Church, Pastor Alvin answered the call.