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Is There Room In Your Inn

Greetings and blessing to all of you. JOY TO THE WORLD is a favorite song that we will sing today. As we sing this Christmas classic I want you to think about what the words mean. The stanza “let every heart prepare Him room” really resonated in my mind. As you know I do more than bring the message from the Lord on Sunday….. Therefore I have to consciously and deliberately be very much aware…. am I crowding God out??? I have to live an unselfish, “dying to self-daily life” only because in “my world” I have a tendency to rush around hurrying and thinking too much about deadlines and the “to do list” and the everyday seemingly challenging situations. What about you? Are you too being somewhat like innkeeper in the story of Mary and Joseph when he denied room for them based on “no rooms left?” Could he not have given up “his room”. That is what I mean…. the inn keeper could have made the “sacrifice; he could have denied himself comfort and convenience for a woman in labor. But before we judge him …let’s look at our own hearts. What behavior are you indulging in that you will not give up because of your selfishness? Just say OUCH!!! Selfishness comes in many forms. One is being too involved. Are you so busy with your “business” your “personal problems” that you do not have time for Christ? Are you so busy that at this special time given to us that you do not have time to study the birth of Christ and why God came in the flesh as Jesus? Are you so busy to find out in depth why Jesus walked this earth with the twelve chosen men (his disciples)? Sometimes we can allow (distractions) to take over the life Christ has blessed us with. We choose to place family issues, financial problems, and sickness to overwhelm us to the point of not focusing on the King of Kings. What happened to JOY TO THE WORLD …THE LORD HAS COME???

It has been prophesied in the Bible (Isaiah 53:3) “ he is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and we hid as it were our faces from Him; He was despised, and we esteemed Him not.” This Christmas and ongoing I am going to give God my all; I am going to make room for Him; after all my life was brought at a price…I belong to Him. Will you, like me begin to make room for Him in your heart?

With Much Grace,

Commitment, Priority, and Giving

Pastor Alvin L. Currie

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